Cheap or expensive? It's all relative. The bottom line is, like in many industries web design and development is definitely an area where you get what you pay for. Over the years we’ve updated this page and our own pricing many times to find the good price for our clients.

Best services you can get at affordable price.

What Does a Website Cost?

While the price of a website will vary depending on your individual needs, here is a breakdown of the general costs incurred by a website.
We have three packages for you to choose.
    IDR 5,5jt
    Great for company profile
    Working tim: 7 days
    This package is suitable for displaying exclusive internet profile for personal, professional, services, company, manufacturer, organization, school etc.

    detail & order
    IDR 10,5jt
    Great for selling products
    Working tim: 14 - 21 days
    This package is suitable for displaying products as a catalogue with built-in e-commerce features to sell product online. The easiest way to boost your product selling worldwide with a low cost.

    detail & order
    Contact us forPRICE
    Great for large website
    This package is designed for personal and corporates who want to create a large website with huge of content, complex development and custom features.

    detail & order

Services & Included Features

Responsive Layout

Responsive design repurposes your site’s content, delivering it in an optimized layout for the particular device it is being viewed on. This saves you time in several different ways. It’s more efficient from a web development standpoint. Instead of designing and developing separate sites for desktop and mobile, you can use only one for both.

This is what we are concerned about since last past 2 years, creating brand new responsive websites and also redesign old fashion websites into a responsive system. So it can be view it on all devices including computer, laptop, tablet and smart phones (Android, IPhone & Windows platform).

Exclusive & Beautiful Design

Each of our design is unique, designed & developed especially for one client. Each client using their own design, none of them using same design.

Fast Development

We are faster than competitors, we usually created a company website less than a week. You don't have to wait too long anymore to have a great website.

User Friendly

Each of our website creation is user friendly, because it is clean and built with easy navigation so visitor will have to think how to use it.

Easy to Manage

For the website owner, no more extra money to hire a person to manage the site, you can manage it by ourself easily from the control panel.

Multi Language

Your website has built in multi languages engine, so your site will be more interactive now with this great feature. You will never lost your visitors again.

Free Domain & Hosting

You will get 1 year free domain name and fast hosting service to host your website. You will be charged every year for renewal.

Corporate Email

You will get email addresses with your own domai name, so your bussiness mail will looks more professional.

Quick Help & Support

When you need help and support with your website just contact us at anytime, we will trying to assist you ASAP.